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Find out which herbal combination delights your taste buds the most. Will you be captivated by the unique Erebos Original, refreshing Fresh, lightweight Dry, distinctive Bitter, or pretty sharp Spicy? Order a mix of all the flavours of the Erebos drink. Bag with 5 bottles – one drink of each flavour.

herbal energy

EREBOS full of natural energy

Energy drinks have become a popular means of replenishing energy. Unfortunately, they can contain a number of undesirable ingrediencies. That’s why we developed Erebos, a healthier alternative using the natural power of herbswith great taste. Caffeine of purely natural origin in an ideal ratio to other ingredients maximizes the long-lasting effect. No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no need to deceive the taste buds with bubbles.

Herbal Energy



Natural energy drink Erebos Original caresses the taste buds with the unmistakable and delicate taste of seven invigorating herbs. In addition, it naturally supplies energy to the tired body and awakens the wilting mind.
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From 49 Kč
From 49 Kč


Erebos Dry does not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. It stimulates the body, energizes the mind and caresses the taste buds with a carefully selected combination of seven energizing herbs. No sugar, no calories, no remorse. As the nature intended.
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From 49 Kč


Erebos Bitter is exactly the bitter experience that you will enjoy in your daily hustle and bustle. The exceptional blend with special herbs and spices gives the drink a refreshing taste and stimulating effects.
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From 49 Kč


Erebos Fresh is a natural herbal drink that gives the body a kick and strengthens the mind. The extract of seven invigorating herbs refreshed with citrus herbs in combination with carefully selected spices will awaken your taste buds and encourage digestion.
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From 49 Kč


Everyday moments need to be spiced up a bit. Erebos Spicy is an energy-filled extract of seven herbs with the addition of cinnamon and chilli. It energizes the mind, pleasantly irritates the taste buds and perks you up with new energy.
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For any situation

Erebos always gives you energy

Při sportu

during sports

Replenish your energy for the third half with a natural stimulant. Erebos herbal drinks are bubble-free and chemical-free. Do you keep an eye on your intake? Grab the Dry variant without sugar and calories.

Na cestách

on the road

Hours spent behind the wheel or in a crowded bus can drain energy. Erebos drinks will refresh your body and mind on the go and give you strength for further adventures.

Během náročného dne

during a busy day

Some days are simply more challenging than others. Let the stress and fatigue fade away and treat yourself to a natural boost in the form of the Erebos herbal drink, which will restore your vital spark.

Při práci

at work

When you are swamped with work, when the task completion is not anywhere close and the deadline has passed, you need to roll up your sleeves and go hard. Erebos natural drinks give the body a kick and energize the mind.


Who loves Erebos

Tomáš Klus
Tomáš Klus

When I went to my mum’s, I bought this at a petrol station in Ostrava. And it completely got me. I went to bed the day after, invented everything and won all the board games we play at home, even over myself. This is not an advertisement. This is a fact. And an addiction.

Dr. Roman Pavela
Dr. Roman Pavela

Erebos fascinated me with its energy functionality and natural ingredients. It contains unique herbs such as maral root or milkvetch, which help the body not only with the short-term energy effect, but also with the long-term adaptogenic effect and with increasing the body’s resilience. I recommend trying.

Where can I buy Erebos?

Where can I buy Erebos?

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